MSW 2006 was held in Malta between May 29 and June 3, 2006.

The workshop put together scientists, managers and decision makers that share interest on Mediterranean coastal processes, and in particular that have a direct link to marine grasses. The workshop proceedings are published in: Proceeding of the Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop, 2006. Gambi, M.C., Borg, J., Di Carlo, G. et al. Editors. Biologia Marina Mediterranea 13 (4), pp 293.

A copy of the proceedings can be ordered (for ca. 30 Euros) by writing to the Publisher: Mr. Attilo Pizzeghello, ERREDI Grafiche Editoriali, via Trensasco 11 Genova, Italy (

MSW 2006 was the first of three such workshops to date.

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