Special Issue of MAE (2006)

Special Issue of  Marine Ecology 27, 2006

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  • MAE 27: 273–276 Editorial: A tribute to Lucia Mazzella (1947–1999); Maria Cristina Buia, Gabriele Procaccini and Maria Cristina Gambi (The Editors)
  • MAE 27: 277–289 SeagrassNet monitoring across the Americas: case studies of seagrass decline; Frederick T. Short, Evamaria W. Koch, Joel C. Creed, Karine M. Magalhães, Eric Fernandez and Jeffrey L. Gaeckle
  • MAE 27: 290–298 Seagrasses from the Nansei Islands, Southern Japanese Archipelago: species composition, distribution and biogeography; John Kuo, Ziyusei Kanamoto, Hitoshi Iizumi, Keiko Aioi and Hiroshi Mukai
  • MAE 27:299–309 Long-term change in the structure of a Posidonia oceanica landscape and its reference for a monitoring plan; Giandomenico Ardizzone, Andrea Belluscio and Luigi Maiorano
  • MAE 27: 310–319 Impact of fish farming facilities on Posidonia oceanica meadows: a review; Christine Pergent-Martini, Charles-François Boudouresque, Vanina Pasqualini and Gérard Pergent
  • MAE 27: 320–327 Spatio-temporal variation in the structure of a deep water Posidonia oceanica meadow assessed using non-destructive techniques; Joseph Anthony Borg, Mark Alan Micallef and Patrick Joseph Schembri
  • MAE 27: 328–338 Temporal variations in the spatial distribution of shoot density in aPosidonia oceanica meadow and patterns of genetic diversity; Valerio Zupo, Maria Cristina Buia, Maria Cristina Gambi, Maurizio Lorenti and Gabriele Procaccini
  • MAE 27: 339–349 Optimizing interpolation of shoot density data from a Posidonia oceanica seagrass bed; Michele Scardi, Lorenzo A. Chessa, Eugenio Fresi, Antonio Pais and Simone Serra
  • MAE 27: 350-360 The effect of Ruppia cirrhosa features on macroalgae and suspended matter in a Mediterranean shallow system; Anna Maria Mannino and Gianluca Sarà
  • MAE 27: 361–371 Modelling the relationship between sexual reproduction and rhizome growth in Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile; Sebastiano Calvo, Gianfranco Lovison, Maria Pirrotta, Germana Di Maida, Agostino Tomasello and Mariangela Sciandra
  • MAE 27: 372–380 Mats of Beggiatoa bacteria reveal that organic pollution from lumber mills inhibits growth of Zostera marina; Joel K. Elliott, Erin Spear and Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria
  • MAE 27: 381–387 The use of surface alkaline phosphatase activity in the seagrassPosidonia oceanica as a biomarker of eutrophication; Begoña Martínez-Crego, Javier Romero and Teresa Alcoverro
  • MAE 27: 388–396 A comparative study of the photosynthetic activity among three temperate seagrass species in Northern Japan; Maria Luisa Sasil-Orbita and Hiroshi Mukai
  • MAE 27: 397–403 Spatial variability of Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile epiphytes around the mainland and the islands of Sicily (Mediterranean Sea); Giuseppina Pardi, Luigi Piazzi, David Balata, Ilaria Papi, Francesco Cinelli and Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi
  • MAE 27: 404–416. Response of epiphytic foraminiferal communities to natural eutrophication in seagrass habitats off Man O’War Cay, Belize; Susan L. Richardson
  • MAE 27: 417–430 Temporal changes of mollusc populations from a Zostera marinabed in southern Spain (Alboran Sea), with biogeographic considerations; María del Carmen Arroyo, Carmen Salas, José Luis Rueda and Serge Gofas
  • MAE 27: 431–432 Book Review: Seagrasses: Biology, Ecology and Conservation; A.W.D. Larkum, R.J. Orth and C.M. Duarte (Eds); Review by John Ogden

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