Abstract Instructions

Note: abstract submissions have now closed

In order to submit an abstract you have to do four things:

  1. download the MS-Word template; it includes the pre-registration proposal form (page 1) and the abstract submission form (page 2);
  2. complete the pre-registration proposal form to provide us with the delegate (that is, presenting author) details;
  3. submit your abstract using the abstract submission form in the second page of the Word template. Please, be careful to use the same format/style so that we have a version ready for publication in the proceedings and ensure the details on the abstract and the pre-registration proposal form match, that is, the title is exactly the same for both;
  4. save the document as a Word document (.doc); use ‘MSW15’ plus your last name (surname) as the filename when you save your abstract (e.g.: MSW15-Guala.doc); and email this document back to us at msw15.sardinia@gmail.com. Please use the subject line “abstract submission” for your email.

Confirmation of receipt of your submission will not be immediate as this will be undertaken by a human being.

Download the form/template now.

MSW Sardinia pre-reg & abstract