In order to provide the maximum visibility to the 4th MSW scientific outcomes and give the opportunity to all authors to publish their works, the MSW Organising Committee has made an agreement with the open access, peer-reviewed journal PeerJ.

The 4th Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop is on PeerJ: a modern and effective solution to disseminate our works. Visit the website to see the PeerJ publishing guidelines and submit your abstract for free.

Full background information about the preprint server is available.
Authors can only submit PDFs and it is free to submit as many preprints as they want.

For abstract submission follow the specific instructions

  1. Ask us the PDF of your abstract(s) in the format required by PeerJ
  2. Create a free account in PeerJ at <>and follow the steps to activate your account;
  3. Once your account is activated, click “My Manuscripts” and “Submit Article“;
  4. Start the submission
    1. choose “Life, Biological and Health Sciences” as research area;
    2. check the Preprint author guidelines
    3. choose “Preprint” as article type;
  5. Start your submission and follow the steps;
  6. In the first submission screen there is a “Comments from the Author” field—please include one of the following sentences in this field:
    1. for oral presentations “This is an abstract which has been accepted as an oral presentation at the 4th Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop 2015”
    2. for poster presentations “This is an abstract which has been accepted as a poster presentation at the 4th Mediterranean Seagrass Workshop 2015”
  7. Remember the first submission screen asks you to input the abstract text. This should be the same abstract text which is present in the abstract book. The MSW Organising Committee will provide you with the final version of your abstract as a PDF. Email us at to request it;
  8. The next screen asks you to enter the email addresses of all co-authors and then their affiliation. Prepare your list and email before submitting.

If you want to submit your “full” articles follow these instructions

We also encourage you to consider submitting the ‘full’ journal articles which result from your research to PeerJ. In that instance, PeerJ’s normal ‘publication plan’ fees will apply (their cheapest option is $99 per co-author. Once your abstract is online, you will have the option to ‘convert’ it into a peer-reviewed submission (PeerJ will send you instructions as to how to do so in their confirmation email). Using this route means you will will not have to re-enter the metadata. You can submit your journal articles at any time before or after the conference, and they will be published as and when they are accepted. These articles will also appear in our Collection page.