Abstract Instructions

Abstract submission guidelines

Please limit your abstracts to 1400 characters (that is about 200 words), not including title, authors etc.

In order to submit an abstract you have to do two things:

  • complete the presentation proposal form on this web site to provide us with the delegate (that is, presenting author) details;
  • also submit your abstract using the Microsoft Word template provided using the embedded styles so we that we have a version ready for publication in the proceedings, this version must be emailed to msw09.forms@gmail.com, please use the subject line “abstract submission” for your email.

Please ensure the details on your emailed version and the form match, that is, the title is exactly the same for both.

  1. complete the form;
  2. download the Word template;
  3. email your completed abstract to msw09.forms@gmail.com (YES we are still using the same email from last MSW!)

Guidelines for using the abstract submission template

If you have your abstract typed into a document already the easiest way to proceed is:

  1. open the template document and paste your email address, title, abstract, author list, etc. into the document;
  2. place the cursor at the beginning of each paragraph in turn and apply the appropriate style by choosing it from the formatting toolbar, style palette, or from the Format/Style… menu item (for example click at the beginning of your title and select the style MSW12 title);
  3. continue through the document applying the styles as needed (in order: MSW12 email, MSW12 title, MSW12 authors, MSW12 affiliations, MSW12 abstract body)
  4. save the document as a Word document (.doc); use ‘MSW12’ plus your last name (surname) as the filename when you save your abstract (e.g.: MSW12-Marino.doc); and email this document back to us at msw09.forms@gmail.com (YES we are still using the same email from last MSW!)


  • your text is to be in mixed (sentence) case for all parts, do not use all-capitals;
  • apply character formats, e.g. italics, superscript and subscript as appropriate in Word after you have applied the styles as instructed above;
  • to enter symbols such as Greek letters, use Insert/Symbol…;
  • each section is to be one paragraph only (i.e. one each for title, authors and addresses) except for the abstract text itself which can contain more paragraphs if required;
  • don’t change any paragraph formatting (line spacing, font, justification, etc.) or document formatting (page size, margins, footers, etc.), just use the four styles as instructed here; this document-template contains all the required formatting for publication;
  • if the first author listed is not the presenting author, please mark the presenting author with an asterisk *

Confirmation of receipt of your submission will not be immediate as this will be undertaken by a human being.